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Who are the Friends of Ashdown Forest?


The Friends are managed by a team of Trustees. Over the years, the Friends have donated more than a million pounds to support the work of the team managing the Forest.


Anyone interested in the conservation of this beautiful place should become a Friend. Many also become volunteers and help in a practical way with the conservation work.

Support from the Friends has in the past enabled the Conservators to buy back parcels of land to add back into the Forest sometimes after centuries of private ownership, and also contributed to the on-going programme of capital expenditure such as the purchase of Rangers' radio systems, pick-up trucks and other equipment which help maintain this unique and marvellous place. The Friends have also supported the finance of such diverse things as maps and leaflets, films on the Fauna and Flora of the Forest and conservation work, picnic seats and tables, tree planting, notice and interpretation boards, to name but a few.

Tree at sunset
Exmoor Ponies on the Forest
Kestrel near Box Car Park
Dartford Warbler

We continue to support other projects such as the funding of the Forest Centre Educational Programme which has seen a large number of local schools visiting the Forest, some on a regular basis. We have also paid for a travel bursary, which enables those schools that would not be able to afford transport to access the Forest.

The Friends run a programme of talks, meetings and walks to encourage conservation and the peaceful enjoyment of the Forest and, through ‘Ashdown Forest News’, which is free to Friends, cover issues of current and future importance acting as a strong influence against threats to the environment such as planning proposals which could affect the Forest.


So PLEASE become a Friend of Ashdown Forest TODAY and help us in the on-going work to protect this very special place. A monthly donation of as little as £3 is all it takes to help us continue this unique and valuable work and you will know that you are making a direct contribution towards the conservation of this priceless inheritance.

Friends Clump


Tree at sunset by Craig Payne

Kestrel near Box Car Park by Bob Pask

Darford Warbler by Tom Lee

Exmoor Ponies by Hew Prendergast

Friends Clump by Brian Goode

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